To incorporate science into an early childhood classroom is to "find" the science in daily activities that we are already doing. Children will conduct investigations, collect data, observe, classify, ask questions and problem solve.


​Each week, children participate in our Music Program. Our music resource teacher introduces basic music concept and instruments. Students experience music through singing, playing instruments, listening, movement, and more. Through these experiences, students will gain an appreciation for music and participate in the movement of making music.


Each week students in the three, four and five year old classes will participate in our Spanish language development program. The Spanish language resource teacher will introduce basic conversational language. Students will develop an appreciation for the Spanish culture through discussions and interactive activities.


​Preschool children are connected to their food supply through a unique "Seed to Table" curriculum centered on working in a garden. Children will learn to grow, harvest and prepare nutritious seasonal produce. Children will become familiarized with healthy food and snack choices. It allows the children to learn skills in a variety of subjects such as math, science and language arts.


​In an early childhood classroom, cooking is an integral part of science, math, social studies and language development. Each week students participate in the cooking program. "Seed to Table" Children will be cooking produce from their own organic garden. It is our goal to teach children the value of nutritional food preparation and consumption.


Art is a crucial part of preschool. Art allows children to be creative while developing small/large motor skills and hand eye coordination. Children will be allowed to express their ideas through art each week.  We look at the process, not the product. Various mediums will be introduced: clay, tempura paint, finger paint, chalk, crayons, watercolors, and more.


Yoga is an exercise that focuses on deep breathing, strength, flexibility and balance. Children will develop body awareness, language, good listening skills, group cooperation and how to calm the mind. Our program is designed to inspire both active bodies and playful imaginations.



Young children need a variety of skills to become successful readers. Early literacy skills become the building blocks for later reading and writing. We will focus on vocabulary, print, motivation, print awareness, narrative skills, letter knowledge, and phonics in an atmosphere that is fun, verbal and stimulating.


​Math skills will be developed with hand-on experiences as the children work on counting, sorting, comparing, classifying and measuring.


​No doctrine is taught as we come together from different denominations but our goal is to partner with parents and guide the children on their spiritual journey.  Children will participate in bible stories and song weekly.

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